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Your Feelings: The Relationship Between Health and Happiness

1. August, 2016Blog Posts, Energy HealingNo comments

Relationship Between Health and HappinessThe Human Energy Field includes the body, mind, and emotions. It reflects our personalities, the ways we learned to deal with disappointments and success. It holds the aspects where our energy flows full and clean and it holds the places where energy got stuck and still gets stuck in our bodies. The Human Energy field is the basis of understanding our own relationship between health and happiness.

That is what we seek: happiness and health. We want to be contented, comfortable, and healthy. We want to experience joy. How can we create greater happiness and health for ourselves and those we love in spite of unhappy, sad, and painful experiences? The answer is real self-care. But what is it to really care for yourself?

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Developing Good Character Traits: Honesty & Truth

8. July, 2016Blog Posts, Spiritual HealingNo comments

“If you are honest only because you should be honest then your honesty is corrupt.”

– Source Unknown

developing good character traitsAs a child I thought, and was taught, that honesty is a simple matter. You tell the truth and it is a sin to lie. In life I discovered that honesty is neither simple or easy. I could write dozens of stories on my formative encounters with truthfulness and lying and include a few here on developing good character traits.

Personal Character Development

My commitment to telling the truth began because I lied a couple of times as a child and those events remained significant in my memory. One of the first times my parents left my older sister and I alone (we might have been 5 and 6), the two of us got into an argument. She pulled out the yardstick and said she was going to spank me. I grabbed the other end and we each tugged and pulled. The flimsy yardstick broke in two. Later, when my mother found the yardstick in pieces she confronted us. We held a united front, both of us insisting we had no idea how the yardstick got broken.

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Understanding Human Relationships: Behavior & Experience

1. June, 2016Blog Posts, Spiritual HealingNo comments

understanding human relationshipsIn life, we have our internal experience, our behavior, and the other person’s behavior. That’s all. Out of these three, we want to form rewarding relationships, relationships that make us feel good and happy. The gap lies in the missing element: the other person’s experience. We can’t know the other person’s experience, only our own when

understanding human relationships. When we get upset it is a giveaway that we don’t even know the depth of our own experience either. Read more

Happiness and Well-Being Meditation [Ultimate Guide]

3. May, 2016Blog Posts, MeditationNo comments

Happiness and Well Being MeditationMeditation practices in some form are part of every religious and spiritual tradition whether Christian, Buddhist, or Humanistic. All of these practices are associated in some way with ‘living a better life.’ Science also has identified brain behaviors that are linked, some positively, others negatively, to well-being. Now, researchers at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds (CIHM) at the University of Wisconsin, have suggested categories of meditation based on the brain behavior that is affected. Discover the best

happiness and well-being meditation practices below to improve your spiritual life. Read more

Spiritual Healing Tools for Empowering Self-Exploration

31. March, 2016Spiritual HealingNo comments

To Meddle: To interfere in or busy oneself unduly with something that is not one’s concern. (Google Definition)

spiritual healing toolsIt is as bad that we meddle in our own business as it is that we meddle in the affairs of others. Meddling is an internal compulsion to fiddle with our perception of events. The result is a skewed understanding of reality. That makes it more likely that we will make poor choices and take actions that increase unhappiness rather than bring greater happiness into our lives, which makes the

spiritual healing tools we use ever so more important. Read more

Being Present: Why Finding Time to Meditate Every Day is Important

29. February, 2016MeditationNo comments

finding time to meditate every dayYou haven’t a moment to meditate. It’s a great idea if you could manufacture

finding time to meditate every day. Yet, the purpose, the only purpose, of meditation is to be present to life, your life, exactly as it is now. And if that life is harried then that is your practice. This life of yours, this life of mine, are the only lives we have; perhaps the only lives we will ever have. Awareness in this moment, called presence, is the practice. What we call meditation is simply the training. Read more

How to Find Real Peace in Your Life

11. January, 2016Spiritual HealingNo comments

how to find real peaceWe are on the road to peace when we allow the world to be as it is and we stand in the world as we are. We are not at peace when we reverse these two. That is, we allow the world to dictate who we should be and we insist the world should be some way we want it to be.

Our mistaken understanding about these two occurs early in life. We discover that

people have expectations of us and we often fall short. We form an idea of what they want. The gap between our performance and the ideal is wide but for the sake of love and approval we take it on. We come to believe this ideal is who we should be on our journey of how to find real peace. Read more

Zazen Practice: Zen Sitting Meditation

15. December, 2015MeditationNo comments

zen sitting meditationHe didn’t mind how he looked to other people, because the nursery magic had made him Real, and when you are Real shabbiness doesn’t matter.” 

Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit

Over many years and different forms of meditation practice my life has been enriched. Meditation has calmed my mind and made space for me to hear the voice of Guidance. It has enabled me to sometimes reach across my boundaries and sometimes to remain firmly within them. It has mellowed my opinions and melted them down. Most important, it has given me greater understanding of myself and compassion for my flaws.

What is Zazen Meditation?zazen practice

Recently I undertook the

Zen sitting meditation practice called Zazen. Zazen means “seated meditation” and is sometimes just called ‘sitting’. In a word, that is what the practitioner does: Sit, allowing whatever bodily sensations, thoughts, or ideas that arise to come and go without getting caught up in them. This includes an itchy nose as much as thinking about the situations of our lives. The goal is to suspend our reactions to the itchy nose as well as the judgements and opinions that carry us into fantasies of thinking. Read more

Tips On How To Forgive: A Personal Story

14. October, 2015Relationships, Spiritual HealingNo comments

how to forgiveThe bitter feelings when we have been unfairly treated can linger sometimes for years. They drain and distract us every time the offending incident returns to mind. They can strain and destroy our relationships.It is easy to say “just get over it.” The ‘doing’ of getting over it when you believe you did not get a fair hearing, you were misunderstood, or wrongly accused and convicted, is more difficult. Often even more challenging is when the offense is recognized within our society as a serious or heinous crime, such as incest or rape, forgiveness may seem impossible, but learning how to forgive can help you heal.

The most inspiring story of forgiveness I’ve read is that of Corrie ten Boom. She was Dutch, a Christian, and she worked to help many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. She was arrested and interred in the Ravensbrück concentration camp. Lecturing on forgiveness after the war, she met one of the guards responsible for the death of her sister and thousands of others. He asked her to forgive him and beyond all odds of what she thought possible, she did so.

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Family Constellation Healing: Uncover Hidden Family Patterns

8. September, 2015Energy HealingNo comments

family constellation healingHappily or not, we accept that our physical characteristics and the genetic strengths and weakness of our bodies are inherited. Some of this we can readily identify, “my mother’s eyes, my father’s nose, my grandfather’s high blood pressure, etc.” Some of our characteristics aren’t so easily traced. These are explained as the result of recessive genes that show only occasionally, such as red hair or mismatched eye colors.

Scientific study has focused tremendous resources on exploring DNA. DNA carries the genes that determine our basic and distinctive characteristics. What has also come to light is that about 90% of our DNA does not contain genetic material. Originally this was called ‘junk’ DNA and more recently renamed non-coding DNA.

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Meditation: Sandra Egli
Music: Torey Ronhovde

The wisdom of a thousand generations guides you today. Only listen. Without a sound their voices reverberate in your cells. Settle within and choose your path.

All of us come from strength, fortitude, perseverance. No matter how difficult their lives, our ancestors made it through and passed on life for the next generation. Over and over, until it came to you. The intelligence that guided them has also come to you.

To Thine own Self be true.

If I could present you with a single blessing, it would be the gift of Mindfulness. Awareness of yourself: body, emotions, and self-talk, all the time. Our immediate experience is the ultimate exploration that only grows richer with time. What we do or don't do, and the roots of our behavior, are accessible with the simple practice of noticing immediate experience. It is this practice that makes it possible to know and be true to ourselves.


Sandra's graceful way of listening & non-judgmental demeanor allowed me to open up effortlessly. I was certain, as I left her office, that I had received precisely the healing I needed.

Female client, age 44
Phoenix, Arizona