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10. September, 2011Meditation No comments

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Meditation: Sandra Egli
Music: Torey Ronhovde

Begin sitting comfortably with your eyes closed and your feet on the floor.

Now focus your attention at a single point on the top of your head. Take all of your sensory awareness to that spot.

Now slowly, like a pearl in thick liquid, let your attention drop slowly through the bone of your skull,
Through the gray matter of your brain,
Behind your eyes,
Into the back of your mouth at the top of your throat.

Stay for a moment at the top of your throat. You can swallow, or clear your throat. Notice the sensations.

Now, with each exhale, let your attention drop a bit further into your body. Slide down the throat,
Past your lungs,
And into your heart.

Rest for a bit in your heart. Notice the beating that moves blood through your veins.

As you exhale, slide down into your solar plexus,

Then into your lower belly and pelvis. Notice the bones here. They form the base for your body.

Now slide through to the top of your legs. Travel down the long bones at the top of your legs….

When you reach your kneecaps, slip around the backside of the caps.

Slide further down the bones in the lower portion of your legs, to your heels….

At your heels, sense the many tiny bones that form your heels. Move slowly along the soles of your feet to your toes….

Curl around your toes and rest on your toenails. Notice how the nail is attached to the toe.

…..Take a breath or two and now scan your entire body. Notice what hurts, or itches, or tickles. Notice muscles that may be tense. Notice your stomach, is it empty or full?

There is nothing to do, nothing to change. Just notice…..

Now, let your awareness expand beyond your physical sensations. Include your feelings and emotions, whatever they may be in this moment.

Are you happy or sad? Perhaps angry, or simply at peace with the relaxation you feel. Whatever emotions you notice, what happened to bring those feelings into your awareness? Again, there is nothing to do. Just notice the origination point for whatever you feel.

Finally, take a couple of deep breaths and slowly let yourself come back to the room. When you are ready, you can return peacefully to your day…”

Live Joyfully:

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Meditation: Sandra Egli
Music: Torey Ronhovde

The wisdom of a thousand generations guides you today. Only listen. Without a sound their voices reverberate in your cells. Settle within and choose your path.

All of us come from strength, fortitude, perseverance. No matter how difficult their lives, our ancestors made it through and passed on life for the next generation. Over and over, until it came to you. The intelligence that guided them has also come to you.

To Thine own Self be true.

If I could present you with a single blessing, it would be the gift of Mindfulness. Awareness of yourself: body, emotions, and self-talk, all the time. Our immediate experience is the ultimate exploration that only grows richer with time. What we do or don't do, and the roots of our behavior, are accessible with the simple practice of noticing immediate experience. It is this practice that makes it possible to know and be true to ourselves.


Sandra's graceful way of listening & non-judgmental demeanor allowed me to open up effortlessly. I was certain, as I left her office, that I had received precisely the healing I needed.

Female client, age 44
Phoenix, Arizona