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It is uncommon but not rare that bone fractures do not heal. There can be many causes for this and there are conventional interventions in Western medicine. Additionally, Oriental medicine can be effective to encourage broken bones to heal.

Energy healing is an alternative practice that may also support healing bone fractures. There is not, however, much scientific research to provide evidence one way or the other. Dr. Gloria Gronowicz, a specialist in bone cells conducted research on the effects of energy healing on bone cell growth at the University of Connecticut. Specifically, trained Therapeutic Touch practitioners were able to stimulate the growth of bone and tendon cells in lab dishes.

The process included 2 control groups of bone cells. One group was treated by students with no training in Therapeutic Touch. They simply held their hands over the lab dishes. The second control group of dishes received no treatment. The research showed that the bone cells treated by trained TT practitioners grew at twice the rate of those left untreated.

alternative healing

Dr Gronowicz’ results were published in 2008 in both the Journal of Orthopaedic Research and the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine.

Of special interest is that the research included some bone cancer cells. While the energy healing stimulated bone growth in healthy cells it did not stimulate growth in cancer cells.

With Energy Healing, unlike mechanical means such as lasers and bone growth stimulators, the intention of the practitioner is critical. This translates into ‘whatever outcome is the best and highest good’ for the client. While every healer may want every patient to heal, none of us can know what is in the best interests of another person. Even when the patient asserts a strong desire to heal, it is the soul that is ultimately in charge.

Two Personal Experiences With Energy Healing & Bone Growth

As a practitioner of Brennan Healing Science, an energy healing modality, I have my own experience with encouraging the healing of bone fractures. Two of those are worth telling here. The first was for a 10 year old with a fractured wrist. This is a serious break for a child because of the growth plate located at the end of the lower arm. If unhealed, growth may be interrupted and deformity can occur.

In this case the fracture wasn’t healing and the orthopedic surgeon was recommending surgery. The mother brought her son to me and I saw him perhaps 5 times over the next 5 weeks. In the first session I could feel the interruption in the electromagnetic flow at his wrist. By the second session I found it easy to re-establish the flow and strengthen it. The last time the energy flow felt strong and natural. His mother took him back to the orthopedic specialist who now agreed that surgery was not needed.

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One of the sweet moments working on this young man was when he began telling me about the girl he liked at school. His mother was sitting quietly in the corner of the room and her mouth dropped open. Later she told me privately that she had never heard about any girl until her son told me. Apparently the energy work also loosened his tongue to talk about his emotions.

The second case was with a woman well into her 90s. She has a terrible fall and had broken a neck vertebrae. It was miracle she was alive but the fracture wasn’t healing. She was confined to a neck brace that severely restricted her movement. It was only at the behest of one of her children that she agreed to see me. In her case, I saw her 3 times. Although I felt the energy move, it was difficult to sustain. Nonetheless I felt movement.

However, when she returned to her doctor after a month, he reported that no healing was occurring. The treatments were, from that perspective, a failure. The positive turn in this case was that after the first treatment, the woman went to dinner at her son’s home, played with the grandchildren, and stayed out until midnight. This was not just unusual, it had never happened before.

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Of course I would have liked her to heal. I also considered whether her soul was preparing her way out of the body and healing wasn’t part of the picture. Perhaps the purpose of my treatments was simply to give her a boost at a time when she needed it. I don’t know and expect I may never know. My perspective is that when a person presents themselves I trust they have been brought for a reason and I do the very best I can do. Then I let go. They continue their journey and I continue mine.

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